With the rise of streaming services globally, Over-The-Top media is being said to be the future of Indian entertainment industry . Digital streaming platforms overtook conventional film entertainment to rank as the name says over the top according to EY-FICCI Indian media & entertainment report and the emergence of covid has further pitched the growth of an already booming sector. Cheap pricing, quality content and the flexibility to watch anywhere anytime has helped ott platforms to maintain their supremacy.

There are so many advantages of OTT content. The main point is that it is individually targeted price factor and monthly prices are really low, so the consumer has a wide variety of content at a minimum price, all one will need is a laptop or a mobile. Another major advantage is the wide variety of content that can be watched, requires no download, no need for memory space and unlike pirated websites it has clear AV. With OTT video-graphic technology, people can enjoy their favourite shows, movies, and sports available at their fingertips. Ott is customized for the viewers based on geography and their personal demographic information. It is a fast-growing, profitable, and popular method of content delivery among younger audiences. But there are a few disadvantage too. In some ott platforms subscription cost is too high and can be shared with few screens at a given time. Some free ott platforms are an exceptions but the frequent advertisements can be annoying. The new trend of releasing new movies via OTT platforms are a severe threat to the future of movie theatres.